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About Gold and Silver For Life

The man behind Gold and Silver For Life is Minesh Bhindi, and he has dedicated his life to helping people increase their wealth through investing. He is a long-term investor, but interestingly he does not advocate wide diversification.

He prefers to make bold investments by building a well-thought out portfolio. He bought into Apple stock in 2002, Google in 2004, London real estate in 2005, the US stock market 2007, and has been invested in gold and silver since 2010. That’s the same year that Bhindi began Gold and Silver For Life .

Bhindi is also founder of Reverent Capital, which is an investment advisor to funds that invest in gold and silver, acting as a consultant exclusively for high net worth individuals around the world.

The idea behind Gold and Silver For Life is largely a parallel to the wealth management activities of billionaires, since they seem to move forward no matter what is happening in the economy or the financial markets. As a result, Gold and Silver For Life has grown into a community of investors in over 27 countries, all built on the prospect of long-term protective wealth building.

A study by Gary P Brinson, L Randolph, L. Randolph Hood and Gilbert L. Beebower, conducted over an entire decade, determined that 93.6% of investment success is based on asset allocation policy. Only 6.4% is based on other factors, including security selection, market timing and other actions. The conclusion is that almost all investment profits come from being in the right asset class, and not from market timing or from being in certain investments.

Minesh believes that gold and silver are that right investment class right now.

With that in mind, Gold and Silver For Life has three investment objectives:

  1. Preservation of Purchasing Power – Dealing with Keynesian economic policy, which since 1971 is designed to maintain inflation as the economic status quo
  2. Collapse – Proof Portfolios – Because it takes more effort to create the 100% gain required to make up a 50% loss in your portfolio
  3. Abundant Retirement – Developing a financial plan that is consistent with the fact that people are living longer into their retirement years

Using those three objectives, Gold and Silver For Life seeks to protect your wealth, while creating monthly income and profits from the coming currency collapse, using gold and silver. And for what it’s worth, the strategy does not involve the use of margin trading, or other forms of leverage.

Why You Need to Invest in Gold and Silver

Many ordinary, individual investors don’t give much thought to the idea of investing in gold and silver, but there are a multitude of reasons why you need to do so, and why now is the time:

  • The dollar today is worth just three cents compared to what it was worth 44 years ago
  • Wealth devaluation is at the heart of central bank monetary policy throughout the world
  • Three out of five people will run out of money in retirement (according to a study by Ernst & Young)
  • Total global debt is $200 trillion, an amount that is unlikely to ever be paid back
  • The average paper currency lasts about 38 years; the US dollar has been around for about 44 years, without being backed by gold or silver (it was gold backed until 1971)
  • The true inflation-adjusted high price for gold back on January 21, 1980, is $10,823.70 per ounce – and that’s using inflation calculations the way they were done back in the 1980s, before the government began trying to hide the true rate of inflation; using the same measure, $568 is the inflation adjusted high price for silver

Sooner or later, all of these distortions are likely to correct themselves, and when they do the destruction of paper currencies is likely to an event of historic proportions. Gold and silver are better positioned to benefit from a general collapse of currencies than virtually any other investment.

What Gold and Silver For Life Offers

Gold and Silver For Life is offering you to attend their next online webinar for free. The webinar will cover:

  • How institutions buy gold and silver potentially 5% to 20% below market value
  • How to generate an income from gold and silver at 1% to 2.2% per month
  • How to create a gold and silver savings account
  • How to protect your purchasing power
  • Protecting your money outside the “cash matrix”
  • How government debt guarantees metals prices will rise
  • Have gold and silver already peaked?
  • Why 12 US states have already legalized gold and silver as money
  • How much the price of gold and silver will go up
  • How to retire without running out of money
  • How to collapse-proof your portfolio
  • How to strategically upgrade your lifestyle now and in retirement
  • Gold and Silver For Life PROS*:

    • 92% of clients making at-minimum their advertised resultsbased on an independent study (with industry standard being 3%)
    • based on their current statistics you can expect a monthly cash-flow of 1%-2.2% per month (see the disclaimer above)
    • their client base are predominantly women (55%) which is very unusual for an investment product, however, their core values, such as stability, security and long term wealth appeal to both genders
    • they have clients in 39 countries 
    • endorsed by Andy Shaw, Dr Joe Rubino, Peter Halm, Mark Anastasi, Blair Gorman and many others
    • simple strategy -it takes only 20 minutes a day
    • based on the safety or real, hard assets and research of institutional investment strategies 
    • safe, secure, internationalised investment
    • you get access to online learning centre
    • weekly webinars for life (even if you joined in 2010!)  taking place every Monday at 6pm UK time with Minesh Bhindi (recorded and archived) covering advice on the market and their positions to ensure the highest success rate
    • lifetime support
    • focused on  building relationships with their clients rather than sales
    • excellent 0% refund rate (unheard of in the industry!) – they’ve given just 4 refunds on this program since 2010 The fact that their partners get their commissions upfront speaks for itself! After all, this shows how much trust they have in their program Why else would they take the risk of losing thousands of pounds?!
    • 92% of their clients are getting at-least their advertised resultsaccording to an independent study “Upon review of the 8% [who were not getting at-least their advertised results] we found they were not following the rules and/or were only in the first month of their investing, so the investment hadn’t matured at the time of the survey. When asked if they’d recommend the program to their friends and family, we had a 100% recommendation rate.” (Source: Gold And Silver For Life)
    • simple to follow step-by-step program
    • easy to get started
    • no technical stuff – no sitting in front of technical charts
    • great community with ongoing support
    • 100% of their clients would recommend them to someone else
    • Minesh is very transparent, reliable and professional and makes himself available to his clients:“Minesh is the ultimate professional. I love referring my friends and clients to his company because I know he’ll treat them like family and support them to increase their wealth while minimizing the risk.” Dr Joe Rubino


    • it takes time to get a return on your investment
    • it requires initial investment although you can start with a smaller investment
    • you need to spend 20 minutes daily doing it although it does not require sitting in front of technical charts

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